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Glamorous Beauty.

GB is a Beauty on Demand App for busy women, with busy schedule, that do not have time to get their beauty service(s) done. this project involved the use of industry standard tools such as Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, and Axure to create user flows, site map, prototypes and wireframe design solutions. I created a full suite of UX documentation for a digital product, from user personas to interactive prototypes. My objective was to connect and convey how insights into customers’ behavior - from problem to solution - can optimize the delivery of products and services to the end customer.

My Role.

User Research / User Interviews / User Flow / Site Mapping / Sketching / Wireframing / Screen Flows / Prototyping / User Interface

The Process.

Problem Statement.

Busy women find that it's very important to look good and feel confident, but it’s difficult for them to find ways and time to get their beauty services done as a result of their routine.


We believe that on demand beauty services is what busy women need in order to achieve their beauty goals. We will know this to be true if we see they referred the App to at least three friends in one week.

Research Plan.

The goal was to learn what beauty services women get more often, what services they think are more important on their daily basis, their motivations to acquire such services, and about their beauty routine. The research plan consisted in:

• Interviews with women between 23 to 45 years old
• Development of affinity map to learn about the user’s goals, motivations, problems and pain points
• Analysis of direct and indirect competitors.

As a result of the extensive research, the two personas were born.
Full Case Here >

Setting Up The Structure.

Sketching and Prototyping.

After gathering all the information, I created the first prototype with sketches of the screens in order to execute the app’s first user testing.

User's task: Book a service.

Wireframe and Prototyping.

With enough information from the first user testing, I developed a medium fidelity prototype to execute a second user testing.

One of the user's task:
Request a nail service to your office choosing the closest professional to you.

Minimun Value Product (MVP).

With enough information from the first user testing, I developed a medium fidelity prototype to execute a second user testing.


Expected / High Impact
My Account
Add/Edit Address
Order’s Summary
On Demand
Makeup Service
Hair Services
Nail Service
Change/Edit Profile
Multiple Services at the same time
Unexpected / High Impact
Professional’s Distance
Track Professional
Rate Professional
Favorite Professional
Professional’s Portfolio
Choose Professional
Contact Professional
Favorite Professional
Massage Service
Tip Professional
Referral Code
Expected / Low Impact
Share with Friends
Request Service for Group
Chat with Professional
Unxpected / Low Impact
Find/Search Stylist
Book Appointment
Waxing Service
Skincare Service
Pay with Cash

MVP Features:

High Fidelity Prototype.

View Live Prototype >