visual design / branding / UX&UI


I was one of Betamark´s co-founder and as the lead of Design. I was responsible for creating the company's logo and as well as all the design assets - such as website, business card, corporate presentations, email marketing graphics, printed events' signs, and more.

The logo creation was inspired in a shape of a bulb, representing ideas, knowledge, and intelligence. The B and M resembles the bulb shape and I used different colors to highlight each letter. Blue was chosen to evoke trust and intelligence. The vibrant tone of blue was chosen to associate with enthusiasm and express importance. Combined with grey it gives the logo an overall sober look.

The first version of website was built in HTML & CSS, but as the company evolved and we were uploading content constantly - such as articles and event calendar - we felt the need to have a blog format website instead, so I re-developed the website in WordPress.

Besides all the design work, I was also responsible for helping the team with marketing solutions to build brand awareness. I developed a weekly e-mail marketing design system where Betamark could send its community the latest news in the marketing field, articles, blog posts, and keep them updated with Betamark's events calendar. I also built the company's corporate presentation which was used as a marketing deck as well as an intro presentation during Betamark events.

My Role.

Branding / Visual Design / User Interface / Marketing


cmyk 70 17 0 0
rgb 39 169 227
hex #27A9E3
cmyk 64 57 50 26
rgb 90 89 94
hex #5A595E
Light Gray
cmyk 30 24 24 0
rgb 181 181 181
hex #B5B5B5
cmyk 0 40 100 0
rgb 253 164 0
hex #9FDA400
cmyk 0 0 0 0
rgb 250 250 250
cmyk 0 0 0 100
rgb 0 0 0
hex #000000

Business Card.


Corporate Deck.

E-mail Marketing.

Client's Feedback.

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- Bianca, Co-Founder & Business Development Manager