visual design / branding / UX&UI

Amrap Gear.

Initially I partnered with Amrap Gear to create their brand. They needed a logo that expressed the global scope of their company, while also highlighting its product and the creators behind the brand. Amrap Gear is a brand created by athletes for athletes and they offer products for enhanced performance in the most physically demanding training. The logo has a shape of a barbell with a kettlebell inside and a bold font with impactful colors - black, red, and white.

I was responsible for the full design assets such as business cards, product packaging, website design and development, glove design, graphics for the product's page, as well as the marketing strategies and campaigns in the Amazon Seller Central platform and graphics such as social media graphics, email marketing layout, and more.

My Role.

Branding / User Interface / Website Development / Brand Strategy / Amazon Product Page / Product Design / Packaging



Social Media.

Amazon Page.

Client's Feedback.

“We partnered with Fernanda prior to launching our fitness product line on the Amazon Seller platform as we needed a professional to create our logo. We were so impressed with her creativity and execution skills that we extended her scope to include the entire branding of our product line. Fernanda was extremely responsive and added a lot of value not only to the branding identity but also to brand/product positioning and proved to be also very familiar with marketing techniques. She was highly detailed oriented with the art/design she created and was able to quickly understand our needs and deliver in efficient manner. The work she did setting up and managing our social media platform proved to increase sales and boost our ROI. I highly recommend Fernanda and will definitely be partnering with her for future ventures.”
- Ivo, Co-Founder & Managing Partner